Free app brings Thieme E-Book Library to the iPad

The collection of Thieme’s acclaimed E-Book Library is now available to institutional customers for the iPad. With the free iPublishCentral reader app, end-users within an institutional license can download all titles in the Thieme E-Book Library to their iPads and read them anywhere they want, even without an internet connection.

The iPublishCentral reader app, available free of charge in the iTunes store, now allows students, faculty, and researchers to download Thieme E-Book Library titles to their iPad for off-campus reading. Users only need to download the app to their iPad and access the Thieme E-Book Library within the IP range of their institution to download any title of the collections. New additions to the E-Book Library will also be available for download upon their release. “We provide unlimited downloads of full books by library patrons within the institutional license, delivering content to our users in whichever format they would like,” says Brian Scanlan, President of Thieme Publishers.

To access the Thieme E-Book Library, users need to be within the IP range of their university or institution. Once the book is downloaded to the iPad, however, it can be taken and read anywhere. No internet connection is required for reading, annotating, or searching the downloaded titles. In addition to a full-text search function, the iPublishCentral reader offers a user-friendly navigation via icons that provide easy access to notes, bookmarks, settings as well as the table of content.

Institutional subscribers may license Thieme E-Books for online use, making them available for their students, faculty, and other members. Titles downloaded to the iPad from the Thieme E-Book Library are available for one year, after which they can be re-downloaded provided that the institution still has a valid Thieme E-Book Library license.

The Thieme E-Book Library is an acclaimed, comprehensive online collection of downloadable textbooks with full-colour illustrations and a full-text search function. The electronic library covers every course in the medical school curriculum and is a valuable research, review and study resource for medical and life science students, faculty, and clinicians.