Frontiers’ statement on UNESCO Open Science Recommendation

Frontiers’ chief executive editor Dr. Frederick Fenter:

“Frontiers welcomes the news on the unanimous adoption of The UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science. Together with UNESCO, we recognize the urgency of addressing complex and interconnected environmental, social and economic challenges facing the world and the vital importance of science, technology and innovation in response to these challenges. 

“Since 2007, Frontiers has been tirelessly advancing its mission of making science open and creating solutions for healthy lives on a healthy planet. The rapid and free dissemination of research and data in response to COVID-19 pandemic unequivocally proved that open science saves lives. Therefore, we welcome UNESCO’s international standard-setting instrument on Open Science and commitments to facilitate the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge around the world.

“Fostering a culture of open science requires concrete and definitive actions, such as developing an enabling policy environment for open science and investing in open science infrastructures, services and human resources. Shifting available funds away from paywalled content and towards supporting models that provide full and immediate access, such as Open Access publishing of research results, plays an important role in making open science a sustainable global reality. UNESCO member states’ unanimous acknowledgement of the transformative potential of open science is a positive step in the right direction.”