Future Science Group launches first interactive community for medicinal chemistry professionals

Future Science Group (FSG) has launched MedChemNet, the first online community for those working in the field of medicinal chemistry.  The new interactive portal is free to join and offers exclusive content from FSG’s leading peer-reviewed journal, Future Medicinal Chemistry, along with industry news, and a platform for members to share insights and discuss research. MedChemNet is the latest in a series of niche scientific and medicaleCommunities developed and managed by Future Science Group.

“Because medicinal chemistry has become highly interdisciplinary, with exciting breakthroughs coming from collaborative efforts between specialists, we have created a forum to support greater interaction,” said Gerald Clarke, Community Manager.  “MedChemNet welcomes medicinal chemists of all backgrounds, from both industry and academia, and provides a collaborative place to showcase work and share perspectives. We hope that this dynamic network can provide a catalyst to accelerate progress and encourage even greater collaboration.”

MedChemNet’s targeted services for medicinal chemistry professionals include one-stop access to breaking news, peer-reviewed articles, posters, and videos relevant to medicinal chemistry; exclusive content from Future Medicinal Chemistry, and a platform to share insights and discuss research.

The site features sub-channels that allow users to quickly navigate to news and articles focused on niche topics such as computational chemistry, drug discovery approaches, drug targeting, therapeutic targets, novel lead compound, and policy and economic issues. The Future Science Group editorial team supports and curates the site to ensure current and accurate news, reviews and discussions.

“Being part of MedChemNet provides an excellent opportunity for exchanging thoughts and ideas on the latest research developments in this scientific field,” said Atanas Atanasov, PhD, Principal Investigator, University of Vienna (Austria).