Glasstree Academic Publishing launches revolutionary publishing platform for Academics, Libraries and Learned Societies

After more than twelve months of author consultation and intense development Glasstree Academic Publishing launches its revolutionary global online self-publishing platform this month. Welcomed by academics, educational institutions and funding bodies for offering a speedier and more equitable publishing model than traditional academic publishers, Glasstree’s core aims are to increase publication speed to market, put content owners back in control of their content, offer a fairer distribution of publishing income, and work together with libraries and academic institutions to lower the cost of academic content purchasing.

Daniel Berze, SVP of Publishing for Glasstree and one of the key architects behind the development of the platform states;

“The status quo of academic publishing has long been ripe for disruption with its vast profits channeled away from the academics, libraries and educational institutions that it serves. The Academic Publishing community has always been seen as the ‘Guardians’ of quality academic dissemination but behind closed doors it reaps vast profits, publishing content of variable quality. Up until now there have been limited viable alternatives to the commercial offerings provided by traditional academic publishers. That has just changed; what Glasstree offers the academic author is an ethical publishing platform with no exploitative pricing and an author-centric profit model, not a publisher-centric one. By cutting the time to publish we can also offer authors and the knowledge community a faster release time with no compromise on quality thus facilitating speedier access to current research.

By reducing the cost of knowledge dissemination to market this means ultimately cheaper books for students and researchers. Librarians can purchase a wide range of academic research for the library at a fraction of the cost of traditional publishers and without having to purchase a bundle containing unwanted content, content classification also means you buy what you want. Academic Institutions and Societies no longer need to ‘contract publish’ with academic publishers – they now have the platform to publish and disseminate their own content and retain their own profits.“

Glasstree also provides authors with direct access to publishing services such as peer review which provides the same opportunity for authors to establish the credibility of their work than if it was published through a traditional publisher. The platform will also support Open Access, implementing the most up to date Creative Commons licenses, should libraries wish to fund author content and publish directly, circumnavigating expensive traditional book publishing charges.

If you are interested in receiving more information with regard to how this revolutionary new platform can support you please contact us for more details or visit