GOBI® Library Solutions from EBSCO Partners with Knowledge Unlatched to Support Open Access Initiatives in Academic Libraries

GOBI® Library Solutions from EBSCO (GOBI Library Solutions) now supports the Knowledge Unlatched (KU) Open Access (OA) e-books funding model, providing the opportunity for academic libraries to support OA funding initiatives within their GOBI workflow. The addition of the Knowledge Unlatched Open Research Library E-Book platform will make the complete collection of Knowledge Unlatched OA crowdfunding products available to GOBI customers worldwide.  

Knowledge Unlatched is a worldwide service provider that values the development and visibility of Open Access e-books and provides libraries with a convenient place to support OA collections and models. Knowledge Unlatched makes scholarly content freely available, supporting the development of the OA infrastructure and bringing scholarly content to communities who otherwise would not have access to such materials.  

Beginning in May 2022, GOBI customers will be able to pledge toward more than 20 OA eCollections on KU’s Open Research Library platform. Once the eCollection has reached a set pledge threshold determined by Knowledge Unlatched, it will become freely available to all readers worldwide starting January 2023. By participating in this model, libraries can support investment in OA content and workflows, helping to make quality OA e-books easily available to libraries around the world. Libraries who participate in this model will benefit from de-duplication, visibility of OA e-books in GOBI and a single point of invoicing and customer service.    

Knowledge Unlatched Senior Manager, Sven Fund, says one of the company’s key goals is to make open access easy for libraries. “Our partnership with GOBI Library Solutions supports the streamlining of processes within libraries and institutions. The obvious advantages of this collaboration include the seamless integration of Open Access content into the acquisition landscape for librarians and avoiding unintended double dipping of titles.”  

EBSCO Information Services Director of Content Strategies, Jon Elwell, says this partnership will enhance and build upon GOBI’s longtime commitment to providing library choice, highlighting the importance of an open community that values and supports the needs of libraries. “This partnership with Knowledge Unlatched not only enhances acquisition workflows for GOBI customers but supports the open community and helps bring resources to communities who might not have access otherwise.”