HEAL-Link launches open research publishing hub with F1000

HEAL-Link has partnered with open research publisher F1000 to launch HEAL1000, an open research publishing hub in Greece for all researchers affiliated with its 43 member institutions. 

HEAL1000 is hosted on F1000’s own pioneering open research publishing platform, F1000Research, and enables all HEAL-Link affiliated authors the opportunity to rapidly share any sound research output, thereby accelerating the dissemination of knowledge and the pace of new discoveries. HEAL-Link joins other prominent supporters of open research, such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the European Commission and Wellcome in adopting this innovative publishing model. 

The publishing hub (or ‘gateway’ as it’s known on F1000Research) recognizes the value in offering a diversity of article publishing options, from brief reports to systematic reviews, and from registered reports to software tool articles, providing a route to publish across the research lifecycle for all researchers inHEAL-Link member institutions. The gateway will adopt F1000’s open data policy and post-publication open peer review model, promoting reproducibility, transparency, and collaborative practices. As part of F1000Research, all publications that pass peer review will be indexed in major databases, such as Scopus, DOAJ and PubMed. 

HEAL1000 is a multidisciplinary English language gateway, accepting research across engineering, economics, humanities, health and more. Once published, all content on the HEAL1000 gateway will be available to researchers, teachers, journalists — anyone and everyone — free of charge.  

The launch of HEAL1000 is the result of a major collaborative effort across HEAL-Link’s 43 Greek member institutions. It marks the first publishing partnership for F1000 with a consortium, extending the existing partnership with Taylor & Francis, through which HEAL-Link members have access to a wide range of journals as part of an ongoing three-year deal. The gateway showcases the consortium’s commitment to challenging the limitations of current publishing systems and providing their researchers with the tools to share and build on knowledge. HEAL Link will be covering the cost of APCs, so publication will be at no cost to eligible authors.   

Professor Mavroeidis Angelakeris, Chairman of HEAL-Link, said:  

“Strongly supporting open science, HEAL-Link is initiating the HEAL1000 gateway for all researchers affiliated with its member institutions to publish a wide variety of research outputs. Research published on HEAL1000 will be publicly available to read, download, and reuse, with author-managed open peer review and an open data policy.” 

Rebecca Lawrence, Managing Director for F1000, said: 

“HEAL1000 exemplifies open research’s potential to provide researchers across disciplines with more opportunities to share their work, rapidly build on findings, enhance discoverability and support greater collaboration across borders. F1000 is pleased to be partnering with this impressive consortium of libraries to further the reach of open research publishing and innovation in the region.” 
HEAL1000 is now accepting submissions from all eligible researchers.