HighWire and TrendMD Partner to Offer Better Research Discoverability to Millions of Readers

HighWire Press, Inc., the leading technology platform and strategic partner to scholarly publishers and societies, and TrendMD, the world’s leading scholarly content discoverability recommendation engine, announce a technology partnership to increase research discoverability to millions of readers.
HighWire, host to over 7 million articles in over 3,500 publications from prestigious publishers worldwide, will enable publishers to easily integrate the TrendMD recommendation engine, proven to increase article awareness and readership by providing suggested articles personalized to individual readers’ interests and behavior.
The HighWire Open Platform readily supports technology integrations like TrendMD’s recommendation engine. HighWire and TrendMD will offer publishers a turnkey solution to increase engagement of readers of their own publications, from the wider HighWire publisher community, and the TrendMD network.
TrendMD generates 120 million article recommendations to an expanding network of 16 million unique readers each month across 1,800 journals published by world leading publishing partners. A test conducted in July 2015 by TrendMD evaluated the impact of TrendMD article recommendations. In a single week, article views increased 28% overall when the selected group of articles was compared to a control group, with 10% attributed to standard recommendations and 18% from publisher sponsored article recommendations.
“TrendMD recommendations are not based only on semantic and other typical criteria. We integrate what the user is reading at the moment and what other recommended articles he or she and others also clicked on from the TrendMD widget across all visits to articles on TrendMD’s network,” commented Paul Kudlow, MD, TrendMD Cofounder.
Collaborative filtering, like Amazon’s “other people also bought”, and personalization based on reader interactions across the entire publisher network drive the recommendation engine.
“HighWire’s pragmatic innovation strategy is focused on delivering impactful solutions that solve real problems for publishers, editors, researchers and information professionals,” said Dan Filby, CEO of HighWire Press. “We are pleased to partner with TrendMD to help our publishing partners increase discoverability of their research with this new integration.”