HighWire offers Altmetric Integrated Article Level Metrics to Publishers

HighWire Press and Altmetric LLP are pleased to announce the completion of an agreement to offer altmetrics integration to publications hosted on the HighWire Open Platform.

This new agreement will enable leading publications on HighWire to join prestigious publishers such as the National Academies of Sciences and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press in displaying Altmetric data beside their research articles online.

“HighWire and Altmetric have simplified the implementation process to minimize cost barriers across the board,” said Bill Matthews, HighWire’s Director of Business Development. “This is a logical step in support of our publisher partners and their readers and authors.”

“We are delighted to be working with HighWire on this new initiative,” said Euan Adie, founder of Altmetric.com. “With an established relationship with their publishing partners, this agreement will ensure a smooth and rapid implementation of our data on any hosted title.”

Developed as a complementary measure to the traditional tools of citation and download counts, altmetrics have gained traction in recent years as a more immediate method of monitoring and analysing the dissemination of a research article.

Altmetric.com tracks a variety of sources, including news, social media, bookmarking and peer-review forums, to provide data on the online activity surrounding a research article. This activity, or ‘mentions’, are then displayed visually via the Altmetric ‘donut’ – and assigned a score based on the volume, source and author of the mentions. Readers can click through to view the original mention and explore the news stories, tweets, blogs and more for themselves.

This data is valuable to authors and readers alike as they attempt to gain an understanding of the wider dissemination of the research, and enables them to join in the online conversation amongst audiences they may not otherwise have been aware of.

Publishers with an interest in adding altmetrics data to their journal articles are encouraged to contact their HighWire Press representative.