Ian Best Joins EBSCO Information Services

Ian Best, most recently General Manager and Vice President at WT Cox, is joining the Subscription Services Division of EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) as Vice President of Subscription Workflow Solutions. Best is an established library technology leader with a unique ability to work directly with librarians to understand their needs and develop solutions to meet those needs.

Best says it is essential to team with the library community to understand what librarians and end users want and to build resources that respond to those needs. “EBSCO is the industry technology leader for subscription services, databases, e-books and discovery, and it is exciting to join such a large, talented team with the resources, and the will, to design systems that will truly provide the best possible experience for libraries and their users.”

Best will be managing EBSCO products aimed at further enhancing, streamlining and simplifying the renewal, ordering and invoicing process for EBSCO’s customers. He will also be leading efforts to expand EBSCO’s EDI capabilities with existing and next generation ILS and procurement systems. Best is returning to EBSCO where he previously held positions including Development Manager, General Manager and Vice President. At EBSCO, Best oversaw the launch of EBSCONET®, designed to help libraries manage their subscriptions.

EBSCO Information Services President Tim Collins says EBSCO has long been focused on the needs of libraries and Best will continue to push for that within the subscription services division. “Ian knows that librarian feedback is the best development tool available. By understanding the needs of our customers we can develop products and services that meet their needs, move the company forward and continue to push the envelope technologically.”