Ingenta launches new discovery platform Ingenta Connect Unity

Ingenta announces the launch of Ingenta Connect Unity, a new addition to Ingenta’s family of discovery and delivery platforms. 

Ingenta Connect Unity functions as a simple, cost effective way to provide online access to publications, and gives publishers the option to join the renowned Ingenta Connect network while maintaining and continuing to establish their own brand. 

Reaching over 1 million individual users a month, Ingenta Connect is ideal for publishers looking to increase the global visibility of their publications, or those who are looking for an additional online channel to market. Ingenta Connect Unity provides a step between Ingenta Connect and a fully separate, customized site. An Ingenta Connect Unity site emulates “look and feel” elements of a publisher’s dedicated site whilst continuing to offer all the enhanced discoverability, ecommerce, analytics and support for which Ingenta Connect has become known. 

“Ingenta Connect Unity is an important extension of our Ingenta Connect discovery and delivery service. For those publishers where a fully unique and customized installation perhaps isn’t appropriate, this provides a very valuable intermediate step to keep their look and feel consistent across their main site and publication delivery,” stated Scott Winner, CEO of Ingenta. “In addition, they still get to take advantage of all the features of Ingenta Connect, creating an offering that is unbeatable for the price point.”