Introducing CABI Cases in Animal Science and Food Science and Nutrition

CABI is pleased to introduce two new titles in its collection of case studies: Animal Science Cases and Food Science and Nutrition Cases. The titles have been launched to answer the need for practical, educational resources in these subject areas. CABI Cases are backed by CABI’s longstanding expertise in research and publishing in agriculture, the environment, and the applied life sciences.

“Alongside our traditional online resources and our books and journals, CABI Cases reflect the work we’re doing to meet the needs of academic users,” commented Damian Bird, Publishing and Operations Director, CABI. “CABI Cases offer valuable insights in support of learning objectives and authors appreciate the short format to easily share their experience and expertise.”

Animal Science Cases and Food Science and Nutrition Cases join four other titles, namely Animal Behaviour and Welfare Cases, One Health Cases, Plant Heath Cases, and Tourism Cases. Feedback on CABI Cases is very positive – users appreciate the diversity of authors and experiences, and authors regularly describe their publication experience as fast, professional, and supportive.

Animal Science Cases is a collection of case studies which explore examples of animal science in practice. The case studies apply the biological, physical, and social sciences to problems associated with livestock production and management. Subjects range from livestock nutrition to climate change adaptation.

“The value of Animal Science Cases is that they show how academic, scientific advances have been translated into advances in commercial practices. The insights are invaluable for young scientists to understand some of the constraints that industry faces and how ideas are brought to the market.” Mike Bedford, AB Vista Feed Ingredients Ltd, UK andAnimal Science Cases advisory board member.

Food Science and Nutrition Cases is a collection of case studies with a focus on the growing area of food science and nutrition. The case studies address nutrition, food quality and quality of diet and their impact on health. They also consider food in relation to chemistry, microbiology, production, processing, formulation, engineering, analysis, and regulation.

Food Science and Nutrition Cases reflects the intricate relationship between food science and nutrition in modern food systems. Each case study brings together the latest research developments and knowledge in the topic area, to demonstrate how these disciplines work together to support food security and public health. This is a welcome addition to our teaching resources, and the accessible and lively style is appreciated by students.” Edward Fox, Associate Professor, Northumbria University and Food Science and Nutrition Cases advisory board member.