Jisc and Coherent Digital in deal for virtual reality and interactive video content

Jisc and Coherent Digital, a digital content and information services group, have signed an agreement to offer Mindscape Commons virtual reality (VR) content to both FE and HE institutions in the UK.

Mindscape Commons allows future counsellors, social workers, and psychologists to explore a variety of mental health experiences and to help students build empathy and develop critical clinical skills in a safe and repeatable setting. Content is enhanced with interactive quizzes, book chapters, discussion questions, and other tools to facilitate teaching and improve learning outcomes.

Launched in November 2020, Mindscape Commons is a source of VR and interactive video content for teaching and learning mental health. It offers hundreds of immersive and interactive, short-form, 360° and 2D videos for teaching and training. In service to the community, Mindscape Commons also aggregates and preserves open-source, research, and commercial VR content for free.

The agreement allows Jisc members to become members of Mindscape Commons. Elizabeth Robey, Publisher of Mindscape Commons, said:

“Jisc knows that digital technology has the ability to transform the student experience. We are honored to partner with Jisc in offering Mindscape Commons to members.”

Joe Pettican, Jisc’s licensing portfolio specialist for learning and teaching, said:

“There is huge potential to make greater use of new virtual reality technologies, offering students and learners with the opportunity to access immersive, engaging learning experiences and experiential learning that is not otherwise possible. As such, Jisc is committed to supporting institutions in providing innovative resources for learners and students.

“We are looking forward to working with Coherent Digital on this exciting opportunity for both FE and HE colleges in the UK to expand their digital resources in the increasingly important areas mental health and emerging technologies.”

The agreement began on 1 February 2022, and all participating Jisc member institutions and affiliated researchers are eligible.