JISC online webinars help your organisation become more efficient and effective

How to gain the best value from journal subscriptions? JISC offers library managers and librarians advice in the first of a number of interactive online seminars this spring.

The webinar on 29 February at 13.30 will offer a practical demonstration of the Journal Usage Statistics Portal (JUSP), a ‘one-stop shop’ for academic libraries to download and analyse their journal usage.

Jo Lambert, senior development officer at Mimas and Angela Conyers of Evidence Base will highlight the time and cost saving benefits you can achieve by using JUSP to manage your usage statistics.

Using open source software could also improve the efficiency of your organisation, so the team from OSS Watchwill be leading the following two webinars in March.

The first webinar will offer advice to open source project managers on how to increase the chances of sustainable community engagement in your project.

The second webinar will discuss how to increase the longevity and sustainability of your academic project or research outputs by choosing the right open source licence.

Future webinars will explore how to increase citations of your research data, extend your Virtual Learning Environment for the benefit of students and access and use a wealth of free online moving images and sound to enhance your teaching and research.