Karger Publishers Acts as Co-Sponsor and Co-Organizer of the 2023 Global Science Film Festival in Basel

Staying true to its goal of making science accessible to the wider public through easy-to-understand formats, Karger Publishers is exploring a new platform to connect and advance health sciences by organizing the Basel edition of the annual Global Science Film Festival.

The Swiss Science Film Academy, led by Samer Angelone, will be hosting the Global Science Film Festival (GSFF), which is dedicated to science communication through film, from March 31 – April 2, 2023. Since its inception in Zurich in 2017, the festival has expanded its scope to include feature-length films, short films, and scientist-as-filmmakers-short films shown from Bangalore to Basel. In fact, this year marks the first time it will be streamed to several global locations simultaneously. Karger Publishers is co-sponsoring the event while also acting as a first-time organizer for the Basel version.

“Translating science through films is knowledge transfer to a wider audience at its finest,” says Gabriella Karger, Chairwoman & Publisher at Karger Publishers, who will also act as a jury member at the festival. “We are delighted to bring science and society closer together by participating in this worldwide festival right on our doorstep in Basel.”

Physical onsite screenings will take place in Basel, Zurich, and Lugano, with selected accompanying online versions streamed to Shanghai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Osaka. The Karger-sponsored Global Science Film Festival in Basel will take place at the cinema Pathé Küchlin on Friday, March 31, 2023.

After each showing of the feature-length films, an expert panel discussion will take place. At the end of the festival, a jury will evaluate the films and will award prizes in the following categories: 

•    Grand Prix, best full-length film 2023
•    Best director, full-length film 2023
•    Best short film 2023
•    Best scientist-as-filmmakers 2023

A detailed program of the entire festival including ticketing, screening and streaming information, can be viewed here.