Karger wins three ‘Highly Commended’ prizes at the 2016 BMA Medical Book Awards

Karger Publishers is pleased to announce that three of its titles received a ‘Highly Commended’ award at the 2016 British Medical Association’s Medical Book Awards ceremony recently held in London. The prestigious BMA Medical Book Competition takes place annually to encourage and reward excellence in medical publishing. Prizes are awarded in 21 categories from a total of over 600 entries submitted by publishers across the world.

‘Highly Commended’ awards went to two titles in the Internal Medicine category:
Tattooed Skin and Health, edited by Jørgen Serup, Nicolas Kluger and Wolfgang Bäumler, provides a comprehensive and interdisciplinary view of the health implications associated with tattooing, from allergic reactions and infections to technical and psychosocial complications. As the first scientifically-based reference work in the field of tattoos, it was clearly filling a gap and is appreciated by dermatologists and toxicologists as well as professional tattooists and producers of tattoo ink.

Retinal Pharmacotherapeutics presents clinical information on the effective and appropriate use of pharmacologic agents in the management of various retinal diseases and discusses the latest basic research on the retina and animal models for retinal drug delivery. The editors Quan Dong Nguyen, Eduardo B. Rodrigues, Michel Eid Farah, William F. Mieler and Diana V. Do have compiled a comprehensive reference, uninfluenced by the pharmaceutical industry and of high practical value for anyone treating retinal diseases.

The third ‘Highly Commended’ prize, in the category Oncology, was awarded to the book Immuno-Oncology, edited by Olivier Michielin and George Coukos. It outlines the most recent developments in the dynamic and promising field of cancer immunotherapy, with a focus on translating basic science discoveries into the therapeutic setting.

Sandra Braun, product manager of the award-winning titles, comments: “We are delighted to receive these awards on behalf of the authors and editors of the three prize-winning books. The awards reflect and acknowledge Karger Publishers’ strategy to enhance its publishing competence in well-defined specialist areas that are relevant to large segments of the society, like tattoos or retinal disorders, or areas of top-notch research with the potential to revolutionize healthcare, as currently seen with cancer immunotherapy.”