Knovel Releases Crude Oil Assay Database

Knovel, a leader in providing a Web-based application that integrates technical information with analytical and search tools, today announced the addition of the Crude Oil Assay Database to its growing Critical Content line. The database is designed to assist engineers designing and upgrading refineries and oil processing equipment in the Engineering Design & Construction, Mechanical & Industrial Equipment and Oil & Gas sectors.

Knovel’s Critical Content line addresses major gaps in technical content that prevent engineers from doing their jobs efficiently. Once Knovel identifies a gap through customer requests, interviews and deep industry knowledge, the company works strategically with credible sources and renowned experts to create the content to meet this critical market need.

The Crude Oil Assay Database was developed by petroleum expert Dr. James G. Speight. The database will launch with assays covering the 200 most common crudes on the market, sourced from seven crude producers, marketers and U.S. Government agencies, and will expand further in 2013 and 2014. Highly relevant, real-world data describing actual crudes commercially available on the market will help engineers in a number of areas including:

• Process and system design
• Equipment, transportation and plant engineering
• Upgrading and optimizing refinery operations

“Engineers need access to relevant and current information on crude oil properties, and finding that information often takes valuable time and resources from other projects,” said Sasha Gurke, Knovel’s senior vice president and co-founder. “With Knovel’s Crude Oil Assay Database, vital information is easily accessible, helping engineers as they improve productivity, reduce errors and decrease project development times.”

For more information about Knovel’s Crude Oil Assay Database, contact your Knovel Account Representative or Knovel Customer Support at +1.866.324.5163.