Kudos and Impact Science launch Climate Change Knowledge Cooperative

Kudos and Impact Science have joined together to launch the Climate Change Knowledge Cooperative, a curated content collection and associated media campaign to coincide with the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP 26). The initiative goes beyond other publisher showcases by providing a single entry point to climate change articles from multiple publishers and subject areas, and by being uniquely focused on providing a 
plain-language entry point to the climate literature. The approach is designed to make sure that climate knowledge is comprehensible to and acted on by the broadest possible audience.

Launch partners for the Climate Change Knowledge Cooperative include AIP Publishing and the Royal Society of Chemistry. Other publishers, societies and institutions are invited to sign up by contacting Kudos co-founder Charlie Rapple. Individuals can choose the most significant climate-related content, such as carbon offset solution and carbon footprints, to be included in a collection. These materials will be supplemented with easy-to-understand summaries, videos, and infographics created by the professional research and impact communication team at Impact Science (a part of Cactus Communications). This team will be responsible for disseminating the information widely. Authors’ own explanations of their work, and links to full-text and other related materials, can also be included. A long-term media and advertising campaign will drive widespread visibility and readership.

“Climate change is one of the few research topics where it really does make sense to try and have the broadest possible audience engage directly with researchers’ recommendations,” explains Charlie Rapple, Kudos co-founder and Chief Customer Officer. “Scholarly publications are simply not designed for that purpose of reaching and influencing non-academics; as a sector, we can and must do more. I’m really excited that this cooperative approach is making it possible even for smaller publishers to play an active, meaningful role in broadening the reach and impact of research.

“This is a global challenge that needs to be solved collaboratively, and filling the knowledge gap with easy-to-understand, trustworthy information is an important step. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Kudos to launch the Climate Change Knowledge Cooperative. It’s a neat fit with the existing strengths and services of both Impact Science and Kudos, and we’re proud to be putting our capabilities to work in support of such a cause,” adds Nikesh Gosalia, Senior Vice President – Global Academic & Publisher Relations at CACTUS.

The Cooperative’s flagship content site will go live to coincide with the COP26 conference in October–November. To find out more about including your content, please visit the website or contact Charlie Rapple