Large Number Of Bentham Science Journals Win Impact Factors

Bentham Science Publishers, a leading medical and technical academic publisher (, is thrilled to announce a significant journal portfolio development. This year, an unprecedented 25 new journals have been added to the Bentham list of titles with Clarivate Journal Impact Factors, bringing the total to 66. Among the new additions, three are fully open access.

Dr. Frans Lettenstrom, Bentham’s Global Sales Director and leader of the founding of the Swedish Library Consortium, commented, “It’s great to see such a considerable proportion of new journals added to the Clarivate database at the same time. This is a major accomplishment for Bentham, and we take immense pride in this achievement as a team.

Bentham Science Publishers wishes to thank everyone who has contributed to our mission of promoting science for scientists.

List of Bentham journals now with an Impact Factor:

1Current Neuropharmacology5.3
2Recent Advances In Inflammation & Allergy Drug Discovery4.6
3Current Vascular Pharmacology4.5
4Current Reviews In Clinical And Experimental Pharmacology4.3
5Current Medicinal Chemistry4.1
6Current Bioinformatics4
7Mini-Review In Medicinal Chemistry3.8
8Current Gene Therapy3.6
9Current Topics In Medicinal Chemistry3.4
10Current Diabetes Reviews3.3
11Current Drug Targets3.2
12Current Pharmaceutical Design3.1
13Current Cancer Drug Targets3
14Cns & Neurological Disordorder Drug Targets3
15Current Protein & Peptide Science2.8
16Recent Patent In Anti-Cancer2.8
17Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology2.8
18Anti-Cancer Agent Me2.8
19Current Molecular Pharmacology2.7
20Current Stem Cell Research & Therapy2.7
21Current Genomics2.6
22Current Organic Chemistry2.6
23Current Molecular Medicine2.5
24Current Drug Delivery2.4
25Current Drug Metabolism2.3
26Medicinal Chemistry2.3
27Mini-Reviews In Organic Chemistry2.3
28Current Radiopharmaceuticals2.3
29Current Hypertension Reviews2.3
30Current Green Chemistry2.2
31Current Alzheimer Research2.1
32Current Neurovascular Research2.1
33Recent Patent In Nanotechnology2
34Current Pediatric Reviews2
35Endocrine Metabolic & Immune Disorder Drug Targets1.9
36Current Cardiology Reviews1.9
37Reviews Of Recent Clinical Trials1.9
38Current Analytical Chemistry1.8
39Current Organic Synthesis1.8
40Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening1.8
41Current Computer-Aided Drug Design1.7
42Protein Peptide Letters1.6
43Current Nanoscience1.5
44Current Drug Safety1.5
45Current Rheumatology Reviews1.5
46Current Medical Imaging1.4
47Open Dentistry Journal1.3
48Current Organocatalysis1.1
49Current HIV Research1
50Letters In Drug Design & Discovery1
51Current Nutrition & Food Science0.9
52Letters In Organic Chemistry0.8
53Current Proteomics0.8
54Current Microwave Chemistry0.8
55Natural Products Journal0.8
56Open Cardiovascular Medicine Journal0.8
57Current Pharmaceutical Analysis0.6
58Current Cancer Therapy Reviews0.6
59Current Drug Therapy0.6
60Current Traditional Medicine0.6
61Recent Advances In Electrical & Electronic Engineering0.6
62Adolescent Psychiatry0.4
63Current Psychiatry Research And Reviews0.4
64Current Womens Health Reviews0.4
65Open Ophthalmology Journal0.3
66Current Respiratory Medicine Reviews0.2

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