Launch of MyScienceOpen gives researchers new ways to promote their work

Since 2013, ScienceOpen has been at the forefront of technological innovation in advanced search and discovery, open peer review, and content management.

Today, we’re pleased to announce the launch of MyScienceOpen, our professional networking platform designed for the modern research environment. By leveraging the power of ORCID, MyScienceOpen is an integrated profile where academics can visualize their research impact through our enhanced author-level metrics.

Key new features include interactive visualizations of an author’s readers, citations, and Altmetric scores for all their publications, all within the context of a discovery environment of 31 million articles. Authors can now also add non-specialist summaries and images to their article records, and integrate this into our existing collections and open evaluation tools. Ultimately, this will make their research more publicly accessible, drive usage from a diverse range of audiences, and increase its impact.

Co-Founder Prof. Dr. Alexander Grossmann is enthusiastic “As someone who is an active researcher, these new profiles are a great way of tracking and quantifying the impact of my research. As we see the evolution of metrics in research assessment, we aim to be the vanguard for service delivery for institutes, researchers, and publishers.”

By activating researchers and encouraging them to interact with their research in the open, we will see value built up as a community process where everyone benefits. ScienceOpen is the platform where mutualistic engagement between publishers and academics drives research forward.

Chief Strategy Officer of ScienceOpen, Tibor Tscheke said “We are pleased to diversify our service portfolio by providing an invaluable tool for researchers. No other professional research network combines the enhanced discovery, community interaction, and seamless integration of ScienceOpen. We help researchers to make an impact and advance their careers in the open, and all for free.”