London Info International 2017 offers clients access to Outsell’s Market Intelligence Service.

London Info International has today announced that Outsell, Inc. has renewed its Exclusive Research Partnership. In this role Outsell will play an important part in supporting the event with high quality research, incisive analysis and insight. In an important extension of this relationship LII can also now offer its clients access to Outsell’s Market Intelligence Service at an accessible price point.

Outsell’s ground-breaking research, including insights and reports, which cover the hottest trends and topics in the information space offer phenomenal market intelligence that will help inform, validate and quantify some of the discussions raised by our community.

Clive Snell – Director of LII 2017 said “This is a really exciting development for our partnership with Outsell. We can now offer our supporters preferential access to the first- class research and extraordinary analysis Outsell produces. This collaboration is another reason to participate in LII 2017”

London Info International 2017 is more than just another conference; it is an independent platform that enables discussions, engages communities, shares knowledge and drives change with influencers, users and providers of information across all disciplines. LII 2017 is independent and inclusive. It exists to bring together a community of engaged information professionals to improve outcomes in research, education and business. or call 01628 947950