Macmillan Learning Acquires Roberts & Company Publishers

    Macmillan Learning today announced the acquisition of Roberts and Company, a leading independent publisher of higher education textbooks, interactive media, and original monographs in biology, chemistry, engineering and related disciplines.

    Commenting on the acquisition, Managing Director Susan Winslow said, “Roberts and Co. has been a successful publisher since its original founding in 2002, fostering strong ties to highly influential scientists and educational thought leaders which has shaped their direction. Their unflinching focus on quality and student-centric content is a wonderful fit with the legacy of our scientific publishing.”

    “This acquisition is core to our ability to provide educators and students robust content and cutting edge technology in scientific courses. We are thrilled to partner with their authors to increase our formidable reach” said Ken Michaels, Chief Executive Officer of Macmillan Learning. “Their mission to change and improve learning strongly mirrors our own.”

    “We had a strong desire to partner with Macmillan because of its expertise in and passion for improving STEM education, the strategic emphasis on using scientific teaching to inform learning, and the commitment to be flexible and customer-focused in their approach,” said Ben Roberts, Founder and Publisher of Roberts & Company. “It’s a perfect fit for our authors and publishing team.”

    Mr. Roberts will join Macmillan Learning as the Vice President of their STEM team, reporting to Managing Director Susan Winslow.

    The deal is expected to close on Feb 1st, 2016.

    About Roberts & Company
    We publish college textbooks, interactive media, and original monographs in biology, chemistry, engineering, and related disciplines. Many of our titles are market leaders. A few have pioneered a more effective way of teaching a course. We think all of our books—sales numbers aside—have made important contributions.

    Each year we develop a select number of projects that have the potential to improve education. We provide each author with comprehensive writing support—especially developmental editing, art and design, and production guidance. We also offer extensive market feedback—largely in the form of peer reviews and analysis—so that when each project is published, it sells widely and goes beyond current quality standards.