NCUB respond to Horizon Europe funding programme

It has been announced that the UK and European Commission have reached a draft agreement on association to the Horizon Europe research and development funding programme.

NCUB has issued the following statement in response.

Responding to the news that the UK and European Commission have reached a draft association to the Horizon Europe funding programme, Joe Marshall, Chief Executive of the National Centre for Universities and Business, said:

‘We strongly welcome the news today that the government is in the final stages of reaching an agreement with the European Commission for the UK to associate to the Horizon Europe programme. This will re-establish and reinvigorate the vital connections that exist between UK and European researchers, working on some of the most pressing societal and economic challenges facing the world.

‘The UK’s longstanding participation in European research and innovation funding has been a hugely significant and valuable feature of our national R&D system. The funding is important, but more so is the deep and valuable connections it allows UK researchers and innovators to make across European nations and beyond.’