New Emerald service bridges gap between academic world and current global events

    “Research in the News” is a new, free online resource from Emerald Group Publishing, which connects research published in scholarly journals to current global events.  Every month, three articles or book chapters are selected from the latest Emerald content to highlight new, groundbreaking and topical research whose impact resonates in the real world. This initiative aims to demonstrate the role that quality-validated research can play in better understanding and processing daily information. To access this service, visit

    “Research in the News” is updated monthly with carefully selected articles and book chapters from Emerald’s extensive portfolio in business, management, and economics, library and information science, as well as social sciences.  This month, visitors can read about:

    •    The financial crisis and the haphazard pursuit of financial crime – the financial crisis has been something of a turning point in the regulatory response to financial crime around the world.
    •    An analysis of tweets in response to the death of Michael Jackson – Grieving resulting from the death of a loved one or someone familiar is a painful process. This study investigates the role of microblogs play by exploring the messages sent on Twitter following the death of Michael Jackson
    •    Facebook as an edutainment medium to engage students – Emerging technologies offer an ever expanding variety of means to support and enrich learning environments

    “Research in the News” also pays its own tribute to the late Steve Jobs by offering free online access to three articles, previously published in Strategic Direction, which explore his qualities as a CEO and his unique ability to regenerate the Apple brand in the 1990s.

    These articles and book chapters are freely accessible for a month until they are replaced by the next selection of topical content. From 1 November, the article selection will look at “Corporate social disclosure in Lybia”, “What can the East and Northeast Asian Communities learn from the EU?”, and “Back to the future: IBM, McDonald’s and Google reinvent themselves”.

    Emerald Group Publishing is a leading independent publisher of global research with impact in business, society, public policy and education. “Research in the News” demonstrates the company’s efforts to publish research which makes a significant contribution to practice, bridging the gap between the scholarly and practitioner worlds.  Further information about Emerald Group Publishing and its publishing philosophy can be found at