New IEEE Open Access Journals Receive First Impact Factors

IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization advancing technology for humanity, announced today that 12 of IEEE’s new fully open access journals launched in 2020 were accepted for indexing by Clarivate and received their first Journal Impact Factors according to the 2022 Journal Citation Reports (JCR) from Clarivate, released in late June 2023.

The annual JCR study examines the influence and impact of scholarly research and offers a well-established, objective means to evaluate the world’s leading journals. By compiling articles’ cited references, the JCR’s Journal Impact Factor (JIF) is one of several measurements available to authors to gauge quality, impact, and trustworthiness of publications, along with, for example, Article Influence Score, Eigenfactor or Scopus CiteScore. These measurements are especially important to help new authors navigate the publications landscape as they make important decisions as to where to publish their research and helps them avoid journals of a predatory nature. Each year, many established IEEE journals dominate the citation rankings across multiple technology fields. 

In 2020, in an effort to meet the evolving needs of authors to offer more fully open access options to broadly share their research and meet the requirements of key funder mandates, IEEE launched new fully open access journals in a wide range of technologies including biomedical engineering, computing, nanotechnology, power electronics, telecommunications, vehicular technology, and more. IEEE has continued to rapidly expand this portfolio and today offers more than 30 fully open access journals, in addition to over 170 hybrid open access journals. 

The IEEE fully open access journals launched in 2020 that were awarded their first Journal Impact Factors are:

  • IEEE Open Journal of Antennas and Propagation
  • IEEE Open Journal of Circuits and Systems
  • IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society
  • IEEE Open Journal of the Computer Society
  • IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology
  • IEEE Open Journal of the Industrial Electronics Society
  • IEEE Open Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • IEEE Open Journal of Nanotechnology
  • IEEE Open Journal of Power Electronics
  • IEEE Open Access Journal of Power and Energy
  • IEEE Open Journal of Signal Processing
  • IEEE Open Journal of Vehicular Technology

According to Clarivate, the Web of Science Core Collection™ follows a unique selection process conducted by expert in-house editors using a set of 24 quality criteria designed to select for editorial rigor and best practice at the journal level. Journals that meet the quality criteria, a criteria that less than 20% of submitted journals are able to meet, are entered into the Clarivate Emerging Sources Citation Index™ (ESCI). The IEEE journals listed above successfully met this set of quality criteria within just a few short years of launch and were entered into the Web of Science index.

“In keeping with our mission, in 2020, IEEE made the bold move to launch many new open access journals at once to meet the needs of thousands of expert researchers and authors, ensuring that we provided outstanding outlets for their research, no matter who funds their discoveries,” said Sergio Benedetto, IEEE Vice President-Publication Services and Products. “This achievement reinforces IEEE’s commitment to journal quality as each publication, no matter the model, follows IEEE’s established publishing principles and high standard of peer review. These new publications play an important role in serving the community in publishing critical new discoveries for the millions of IEEE Xplore users around the world. IEEE continues to support open science and provide more options and choices to support the work and needs of all authors and researchers.”

For more detailed information on IEEE citation rankings and how each bibliometric measurement is calculated, please see the full results. For more information on IEEE open access journals and programs for authors and institutions, please visit the IEEE Open site.