New JISC Collections Agreement: 123Doc e-books-Usage Based Collection

The Pay-per-View business model combined with a concurrent users model allows Institutions to have unlimited access to a large number of e-books while only purchasing copies of the most popular ones in perpetuity. The main advantages of this model are that it allows institutions to:

  • Have a very large collection of e-books available for a small Access Fee
  • Only pay for e-books that have actually been read
  • Purchase e-books gradually, while paying from as little as 1% of the e-List Price of each copy for each access. (The e-List Price is the full price paid for the acquisition in perpetuity of the first copy of an e-book. This price is sometimes also called the “Outright Price”)
  • Acquire copies of e-books in perpetuity (“Perpetual access e-books”) and optimise the cost of popular e-books
  • Benefit from discounts for multiple-copy purchases, thus allowing Institutions to be able to answer peak demand of popular e-books for a small cost
  • Have the guarantee that access to an e-book will never be denied, even if the number of concurrent users is greater than the number of copies available

The 123Doc e-books collection is available to order now from our online Catalogue.