New partnership with the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution

Canadian Science Publishing (CSP) is excited to announce a new partnership with the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution (CSEE), a non-partisan group of practicing ecologists and evolutionary biologists throughout Canada.

This new partnership reflects a shared goal of both organizations to promote the study of ecology and evolution in Canada. As a leading publisher of scientific research in Canada, CSP publishes a suite of biological and environmental science journals, including FACETSBotany, Arctic Science, Genome, Canadian Journal of Zoology, Canadian Journal of Forest Research, Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, and Environmental Reviews. These journals are proud to partner with CSEE and look forward to engaging with CSEE members from coast to coast to coast.

For this partnership, CSP will:

  • offer webinars and other resources for early-career CSEE members interested in understanding the publication process,
  • support special-issue and symposium proposals from CSEE members, with a particular interest in those organized by, or featuring, early-career members, and
  • partially sponsor CSEE’s Early Career Awards and President’s Award for Societal Engagement.

Dr. Stephen Heard, CSEE President, says:

“We look forward to exploring this new partnership. Increasingly, scientists are thinking carefully about where they publish, and CSEE members will appreciate that CSP is a not-for-profit journal publisher, Canadian, and offers open-access options in journals across the fields of ecology and evolution. We’re grateful for CSP’s sponsorship of some of our awards, and look forward to finding more areas of common interest in coming years!”

Dr. Sherestha Saini, Managing Editor, Environmental Sciences Journals at CSP says:

“Influential work in ecology and evolution is happening in Canada by CSEE members and their community partners. Whether their research happens on land, under water, or in air, CSP is grateful for the opportunity to engage with and learn from CSEE members. We are especially excited to collaborate with early-career members leading the way in their fields of study.”