New research shows UK Publishing Sector is worth £11 Billion to UK Economy

The Publishers Association has today released new research showing that the UK’s publishing sector is worth an extraordinary £11 billion overall to the economy, and is the global leader in book exports- a phenomenal cultural achievement for the UK.

The research, conducted by public policy consultancy Public First, shows that publishing has the potential to contribute even more to the UK’s future success. The report predicts that, with the right backing from government, publishing can contribute an addition £5.6 billion to the UK economy by 2033, and support a further 43,000 jobs.

International demand for UK publishing is set to grow by a further 20% in the next decade, proving its global potential.

Key stats:

  • £11 BILLION – Contribution of UK publishing sector to the UK economy overall.
  • 84,000 – Number of jobs supported by UK publishing in 2024, which is predicted to grow by 43,000 by 2033.
  • £6.5 BILLION – Gross Value Added of publishing exports.
  • 20% – Growth in international demand for UK publishing by 2033.
  • £5.6 BILLION – How much UK publishing is set to grow in the next decade.

Dan Conway, CEO of the Publishers Association said: “The publishing sector is a true success story for the UK, driving economic growth, highly skilled creative jobs, and leading in worldwide publishing exports that contribute to Britain’s cultural and academic standing abroad. Publishers act as the heartbeat of our leading creative industries, through the incredible stories they bring to screen, stage, and games such as 비트카지노, and they also underpin the UK as global base for R&D.

As a country, we should be immensely proud of what the sector has achieved- but we must not take it for granted. With an election on the horizon later this year, we ask politicians on all sides to recognise the publishing industry’s economic value to the UK, announced today on the eve of London Book Fair, but also its huge cultural and academic importance in inspiring the next generation of readers, learners and leaders. We must ensure we work together to unlock the next chapter of this success story and grow UK publishing’s economic and social contribution for the UK.

The research is part of a wider report, titled “Vision for Publishing: The role of publishing in the UK’s success”, which lays out ten the key priorities the Publishers Association is asking the government to consider. These include commitments to;

  • Deliver AI opportunities for the whole economy, by ensuring that AI growth cannot come at the expense of IP and human creativity.
  • Vigorously uphold the UK’s globally advantageous intellectual property (IP) and copyright framework.
  • Establish a Publishing Export Accelerator.
  • Axe the final tax on reading (audio).
  • Invest in libraries and literacy.
  • Restore a diverse, open and fair market for education resources by changing the scope of Oak National Academy.

To see full report, please use this link.