New Simba Report Uncovers Emerging Trends in Social Sciences and Humanities Publishing

Just launched by Simba Information is Global Social Sciences and Humanities Publishing 2023-2027. This new report identifies critical developments and trends across segments of this competitive global scholarly publishing market.

In 2022, the top ten competitors in the social sciences and humanities publishing market delivered revenue of $1.69 billion, increasing 4.2% over 2021 as a new competitor entered the segment. The new report chronicles strategic directions at major social sciences and humanities publishers, including Taylor & Francis, Elsevier, EBSCO, Springer Nature, and Sage Publishing.

Analysis of the competitive environment, market structure, and growth drivers forms the foundation of this Simba report. Its coverage encompasses business performance, corporate strategies, product development initiatives, and new product launches.

The new report analyzes developments that are shaping the marketplace now, including:

  • Academic sector trends that are affecting demand for SSH content;
  • A major acquisition that is disrupting the competitive landscape;
  • Image makeovers for two top publishers;
  • Important shifts in product form usage; 
  • Macro-economic impacts for publishers.

This report provides extensive analysis of mergers, acquisitions and partnerships: revealing where competitors are investing and seeking growth. Elsewhere in the report, the reader will find insights about product customers, trends in product use, geographic skews, product formats, and challenges facing the industry.

The report closes with Simba’s near-term outlook for leading competitors, estimated to grow 1.3% for 2023, and a forecast for the 2023-2027 period. Longer term, Simba projects that the total social sciences and humanities publishing market will reach $4.67 billion by 2027, reflecting economic headwinds during 2023 to 2025.

This Simba report provides detailed analysis of the performance and strategies of leading social science and humanities competitors, including Taylor & Francis, Elsevier, ProQuest, EBSCO Information Services, Springer Nature, Sage, Wiley, Cengage, Oxford University Press, and Cambridge University Press, and more.