NISO White Paper Explores the Future of Library Resource Discovery

    NASIG and SSP (Society for Scholarly Publishing) are pleased to announce a joint full-day program, “Evolving Information Policies & Their Implications: A Conversation for Librarians & Publishers.” It will be held on May 27th, 2015, at the Crystal Gateway Marriott, Arlington, Virginia (DC) on the first day of each organization’s annual conference.

    Attendees will learn about public policy issues ranging from open access, grant funder submission and publication requirements, management and preservation of data sets, to access for the print disabled, intellectual property, copyright law and fair use. Speakers will address the current status and speculate about potential developments, all with a view to helping attendees gain a better understanding of currentinformation policy and its impact on our current and future roles.

    We have recruited three expert speakers to address these topics from the perspectives of the publishing, librarian and vendor communities that make up the core of our respective memberships. Jayne Marks, Vice President of Publishing, Wolters Kluwer will represent the publishing perspective. T. Scott Plutchak, formerly Director of the Lister Hill Library of Health Sciences at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and now Director, Digital Data Curation Strategy at the same institution, will address the librarian viewpoint. Caitlin Tresande, Head of Research Policy, Digital Science and Senior Strategy Editor for Nature will provide the vendor perspective.

    In addition, two speakers who are intellectual property and copyright experts will share their knowledge and opinions. The entire day will have ample opportunities for audience questions and will conclude with a wrap up panel with all five speakers sharing their predictions and responding to questions.

    “When then president-elect Bob Boissy, Springer, suggested a joint program three years ago, we thought immediately of teaming up with SSP as another organization devoted to dialogue, communication and
    education that takes no position on public policy matters. We were excited to find a conference location adjacent to SSP’s to make the concept work,” noted Steve Kelley, Wake Forest University, NASIG

    Howard Ratner, CHORUS, SSP President agreed: “This unique collaborative session between NASIG and SSP offers an exceptional opportunity for our members to not only attend a thought-provoking program, but to network with NASIG members. More organizations should offer such joint programming.”

    Registration for the event will open on the websites of both organizations in March. NASIG offers no competing programming, but SSP will also offer preconference seminars on the same day.

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