Northern New England Accountable Care Collaborative selects Gold Standard Drug Database

Elsevier’s Gold Standard, a leading drug information provider, announced today that the Northern New England Accountable Care Collaborative, LLC (NNEACC), composed of Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health, MaineHealth and Dartmouth College, has selected the Gold Standard Drug Database to deliver current and accurate drug data and drug decision support. The integration of the Gold Standard Drug Database module will allow the NNEACC to streamline and automate the process of integrating prescribing data with administrative and clinical information to provide a robust view of patient activity to clinicians.

The Gold Standard Drug Database will offer NNEACC drug pricing updates, therapeutic groupings of drug products, brand versus generic identifiers, and accurate information on generics. The Gold Standard Drug Database interacts intelligently with patient prescribing data to guide the clinician to an efficient and effective delivery of the patient’s medication, assisting adherence to drug therapy for best health benefits. NNEACC will benefit from the database’s modern technical architecture, combined with current, accurate content and built-in human logic for superior decision support, which distinguishes Gold Standard Drug Database from other drug compendia.

“The Gold Standard Drug Database will significantly enhance the way we receive and interpret drug information, administration and pricing,” said Dr. David Wennberg, CEO of NNEACC. “This database will give us access to the most current and accurate drug data and decision support.”

NNEACC was co-founded by Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health, Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems, MaineHealth and Dartmouth College to develop, implement and evaluate new models of clinical care required to achieve the triple aim of improved population health, improved quality and satisfaction of the patient experience and reduced per capita costs. Led by Dr. David Wennberg, the NNEACC solution integrates administrative and clinical data sources in a proven data technology foundation with innovative analytics to provide focused and actionable information that supports clinicians and administrators as they manage care.

“We look forward to providing NNEACC with the critical information needed to streamline drug information and improve the efficiency of daily processes,” said Marianne Messer, President of Elsevier’s Gold Standard. “Our innovative clinical decision support solutions enable us to provide drug information rapidly and effectively to ensure that the NNEACC will have the latest and best information, ultimately assisting in better care.”