Numérique Premium launches customised ebook platform with Publishing Technology

Paris-based content aggregator Numérique Premium (a subsidiary of Nouveau Monde editions) has teamed up with Publishing Technology to launch a new, custom-built site for all its ebook content.

Now live on Publishing Technology’s pub2web platform, the Numérique Premium hub is the new home of all of the ebook specialist’s available content – over 1, 500 titles within 14 collections from 30 publishers by the end of 2013.

The revamped site, wholly functional in French and English, provides the academic research community with an improved, user-friendly online experience and advanced options for individual publisher and collection pages. The site also boasts superior and specialised search, browse, faceting and filtering options. Further benefits include:

·         Preview features so users can make well-informed decisions prior to accessing ebooks

·         Easy upload options, so the site can be updated with new publishers and titles in real time

·         Citation service management including BibTEX, EndNote and RefWorks

·         Statistical expertise and integrated analytics services

·         Improved discoverability via improved site navigation and SEO

An influx of newly-available material will triple the number of publications available worldwide and agile technology now allows institutions to demand bespoke ebook compilations, making Numérique Premium the world-leading digital library of essential classics, monographs and reference works in French History and Social Sciences.

Yannick Dehée, President, Numérique Premium, commented: “In building a custom site for our unique ebook collection, Publishing Technology has provided exemplary service and rapid turnaround. The discoverability and user experience features of pub2web are ideal for our researchers, and the advanced options to personalise every aspect of the site will accommodate  both new and existing institutional customers.”

George Lossius, CEO at Publishing Technology, said “We are excited to launch the Numérique Premium portal, our first pub2web site for an ebook specialist. Our platform provided for a smooth migration  with immediate benefits and the ability to unify multiple types of content, which is especially important for content aggregators like Numérique Premium.”