Oable and RightsLink partner to support open access workflows in libraries worldwide

Oable, Wiley’s cross-publisher payment and reporting solution for institutions, and RightsLink for Scientific Communications, the industry-trusted platform for shared OA management by Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), are partnering to connect libraries and publishers globally. The agreement between the two companies entails the seamless exchange of metadata between two market-leading systems with the goal of speeding up open access article payments and easing reporting.

“Interoperability of metadata and collaboration in the interest of our customers both on the library and the publisher side are key to make open access efficient,” says Dr. Sven Fund, Senior Director at Wiley. “With this partnership, we remove costly barriers to a broader adoption of OA.”

“For CCC, transparency and efficiency in publisher and library workflows are paramount,” says Jamie Carmichael, Senior Director, Information and Content Solutions at CCC. “We are delighted to collaborate with Oable to create a new option for seamless OA data management within institutions working across multiple publishers.”

The planned integration marks the evolution of an existing pilot between the two systems in which publishers opt to help librarians streamline OA management across RightsLink and Oable.