OCLC announces new interface for the FAST prototype

    The new user interface simplifies the process of heading selection, in a one-page design.

    FAST subject headings were developed by adapting the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) with a simplified syntax, retaining the very rich vocabulary of LCSH while making the schema easier to understand, control, apply, and use.

    The FAST interface allows you to investigate FAST authorities directly, or by using the Library of Congress Authorities from which they were derived.

    The new interface design combines search box, brief results list, and full view of a selected record on a single page. Several indexes and the ability to restrict the result to a desired FAST facet increase searching accuracy. The default result ranking is by usage, giving the most likely candidate heading near the top of the result, although alphabetic and facet order options are easily available. An autosuggest makes the selection process even easier.

    We are particularly interested in users’ experience with the new interface, so we encourage you to explore it and send us your comments and suggestions.

    This application was developed primarily by JD Shipengrover, Senior Web & User Interface Designer, and Consulting Software Engineer Rick Bennett.