OpenAthens hosts a range of webinars during in June

Identity and access management specialist OpenAthens is hosting a series of webinars throughout June for people in the information access industry. 

OpenAthens software demo for Librarians

When: 10 June 2020, 11am EDT/4pm BST

What: This webinar will demonstrate how OpenAthens makes accessing knowledge through simple sign-on easy. By attending this session, librarians will learn about the difference between IP/proxy recognition and SAML authentication. The session will explore how OpenAthens can connect to existing SSO infrastructure to allow for a better user experience and be less administrative for the librarian. It will also help to explain how comprehensive usage statistics can help prove the value and importance of the library and the content librarians provide an organisation.

There will be a focus on how OpenAthens can make it easier to share content with fellow researchers, staff or students. Finally, attendees will understand how to allow access to specific resources for certain groups of users. Helping to save money on subscription costs and offering a wider selection of content.

This product demo will be led by James Edwards. As international sales manager, James helps organisations all over the world move to OpenAthens as their access management solution. 

How: To find out more about this event click here, or to register to attend live or receive the recording, click here.

Demystifying federated access to content

When: 22 June 2020, 11am ET/4pm BST

What: This webinar will explain how federated access solves some of the pain points library users experience when accessing content and services remotely. Speakers will discuss the importance of open standards and consistency in the user journey to content on publisher websites.

There will be clarification on the difference between the federated access options and how they all work together. Finally, the speakers will discuss key issues around access to content and any burning questions attendees have in a speaker panel session.

The panel will be hosted by Kim Cadieux, product marketing manager, EBSCO, chaired by Amanda Ferrante, product manager of authentication solutions, EBSCO and speakers will include Todd Carpenter, executive director at NISO and Kieran Prince, international sales manager at OpenAthens.

How: To find out more about this event click here, or to register to attend live or receive the recording, click here.

OpenAthens 101 webinar: A guide for our librarians

When: 25 June 2020, 11am ET/4pm BST

What: This is the fifth webinar in the OpenAthens 101 monthly webinar series, designed to ensure all OpenAthens’ institutions are getting the most out of their services regardless of their experience.

This month focuses on adding resources. We will be discussing and demonstrating the answers to common questions from our librarians. What different kind of resources are there, for example federated and proxy? What information do publishers need for an institution to implement their resource? How do I add these different resources to enable OpenAthens access? How do OpenAthens support me through this?

The session will be run by the OpenAthens team; Sophie Allen, marketing officer, Blake Anderson, account manager and Iain Allchurch, 1st line application support analyst.

A full list of past OpenAthens101 webinars are available on the OpenAthens YouTube channel.

How: To find out more about this event click here, or register to attend live or receive the recording, click here.

How AI is shaping the future of scientific knowledge

When: June 29 at 4pm BST / 8am PST.

What: This webinar looks at the role artificial intelligence (AI) plays in the scientific research process and how AI is helping single sign-on librarian’s curate and manage their collections.

This webinar is in two parts. Firstly, speakers will discuss how AI is transforming the scientific research process. This in turn frees up time for researchers to apply their unique understanding of science for bigger societal impact.

Secondly, there will be a discussion on how AI is helping librarians to curate and manage their collections and changing the way libraries think about metadata categorization.

Speakers for this webinar are Sebastian Kohlmeier, senior manager of program management and business operations at Allen Institute for AI and Semantic Scholar and Manisha Bolina, international channel partner manager at Yewno. It will be hosted by Lauren Harding, marketing officer at OpenAthens.

How: To find out more about this event click here, to register to attend live or receive the recording, click here.