Outsell, Inc. publishes new CEO Topics Report: Evaluating Automated Content Tools

    Outsell, Inc., the world’s only research and advisory firm focused on media, information, and technology, today announced publication of a new CEO Topics Report: Evaluating Automated Content Tools. The report shows how such technologies have made rapid advances and are now extending beyond content businesses to support all kinds of big data analysis and communication, with profiles of the main vendors and user case studies.

    With content creation as the biggest single functional cost for information companies according to Outsell’s proprietary benchmark data, reducing those costs or being able to create much more content from limited investments is a high priority for senior management. Software tools that extract valuable data from websites at scale or that automatically generate high-quality text in natural language continue to improve and deliver impress results. The vendors profiled Connotate, Kofax Kapow, Automated Insights, and Narrative Science.
    “These tools have a big role to play in information businesses,” said Outsell VP & Lead Analyst Simon Alterman. “But for vendors, the biggest prize lies in business intelligence and other operating functions in all kinds of companies that are struggling to communicate their analysis of big data to employees, partners, and customers.”

    Among the report findings:

    • There’s a significant but manageable effort required to set up these tools – they operate automatically but are not just plug and play – and to maintain and refresh them;
    • Most vendors in both categories are small – only a couple have been acquired by larger businesses. They need to find ways to scale quickly if they are to capitalize on the opportunity available;
    • Partnerships, channel distribution, and embedding these tools in larger software systems looks like the most promising strategy for vendors.

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