Partners in Digital Health features Blockchain in Healthcare Today on ScienceOpen

ScienceOpen is pleased to announce a new cooperation with Partners in Digital Health (PDH) to showcase the Open Access journal, Blockchain in Healthcare Today (BHTY). BHTY is the world’s first peer-reviewed journal that amplifies and disseminates distributed ledger technology (DLT) research and innovations in the healthcare sector. BHTY content is now integrated into ScienceOpen’s ever-growing database, which currently contains nearly 65 million records, where it will be shared in its unique featured Collection.

BHTY is exclusively focused on novel research, technical DLT applications and innovation appropriate for the healthcare sector to accelerate market efficiencies and lower overall consumer health costs. The interactive platform of ScienceOpen provides additional ways for authors and readers to actively engage with BHTY material through its sharing, recommending, and reviewing capabilities. Moreover, the addition of BHTY materialenriches the scope of other healthcare-related content on ScienceOpen which improves the context for healthcare research on the platform.

We are excited to participate on the ScienceOpen platform with BHTY and look forward to increasing the journal’s global reach and discoverability to an expanded audience. It is critical for researchers and multidisciplinary stakeholders to explore evidence-based content and access original research to enable more cooperation and expand the technology’s potential and current use. We look forward to growing BHTY on the ScienceOpen research network,” stated Tory Cenaj, journal publisher.

Stephanie Dawson ScienceOpen CEO says, “The global health crisis has highlighted the critical need for reputable, open access health and medical research, and so we are proud to be able to support open access publishers and journals like BHTY in their mission to improve healthcare practices by facilitating conversations around innovation in healthcare technology.“

As a proponent of open science, ScienceOpen is pleased to have another Open Access partner who is dedicated to building trust by disseminating high quality, evidence-based articles. ScienceOpen and PDH hope that this collaboration will benefit healthcare system innovation by increasing awareness of BHTY to more stakeholders from all around the world. Visit this site to learn more about innovation in healthcare technology.