Peer Review Week 2024 Explores the Intersection of Innovation and Technology

Over 35 organizations around the world are involved in this year’s Peer Review Week, and there is still time to participate.

This year’s Peer Review Week (PRW), an annual event to celebrate the value of peer review that brings together scholarly communication stakeholders, including academic publishers, associations, institutions, and researchers, will be dedicated to the theme “Innovation and Technology in Peer Review.” During the week of September 23-27, 2024, participating organizations will host events and activities to highlight the changing publishing landscape and the ongoing vital role of peer review in shaping scholarly communication. The theme was chosen via an open global poll of the scholarly community, in which 494 people voted.

The academic landscape is evolving, becoming increasingly author-centric, with significant emphasis on research integrity and the integration of AI. Today, the demand for greater transparency and efficiency in the peer review process is rising, even as the number of publications surges and the pool of reviewers fails to keep pace. This has spurred innovations designed to streamline the process and better align it with the needs of the authors. AI tools are slowly being employed to automate administrative tasks so that peer reviewers can focus on the more important aspects of the peer review process.

Can AI be used in a way that it complements the value that the reviewer brings in?

How can it be used to broaden the pool of reviewers providing equal opportunities to scholars from under-represented countries?

Can the industry’s research integrity crisis be tackled with the help of new approaches and technology?

Looking ahead, can we expect a more collaborative approach where technology complements human expertise in peer review? 
“This theme is incredibly timely. Many of the world’s most pressing problems require interdisciplinary solutions, and achieving our UN SDG goals necessitates global collaboration among scientists. How can this cross-pollination of ideas impact peer review? How can we ensure peer review remains effective in this context? Moreover, how does technology facilitate this exchange of ideas? We believe this dialogue has the potential to drive significant global change.” say the Peer Review Week committee co-chairs. 

We invite all members of the scholarly community and anyone interested in the advancement of quality research to join us during Peer Review Week for this celebration and learning experience.

Activities may include blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, and more. Submit items for promotion through this online form.

You can follow the latest announcements for Peer Review Week 2024 and share what your organization has planned on social media using the hashtags: #PeerReviewWeek and #AIinPeerReview

Last year we had over 6,000 sign ups and nearly 100 events and activities going on throughout the week, and we hope this year will be as busy. Be sure to check out our Events/Activities page and our Resources page from last year as there is still lots to be gained through videos, blogs, checklists and more.

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