Plan S Journal Comparison Service is now open for publishers to register and deposit price and service data

cOAlition S is excited to release today the Journal Comparison Service (JCS), a secure, free and long-anticipated digital service, that aims to shed light on publishing fees and services.

Starting from today, publishers can register with the JCS publisher portal. After signing a service agreement, publishers can share information, at journal level, highlighting the services they provide and the prices they charge in line with one of the Plan S approved price and service transparency frameworks. These data are then made available to librarians via a secure online system.  Examples of data that will be made available through the service include information about the publication frequency, the peer review process, times from submission to acceptance, the range of list prices for APCs, subscription prices, and how the price is allocated over a defined set of services.

JCS: benefits to publishers

By depositing price and service data through the JCS, publishers can communicate the nature and price of their services in a transparent, practical, and insightful way. Such information will allow libraries, library consortia, and funders to understand better how the fees they pay are commensurate with the publication services they receive. In time the JCS will enable conversations and comparisons that will build confidence amongst customers that these prices are fair and reasonable.

Robert Kiley, Head of Strategy at cOAlition S, welcomed the release of the publisher portal, saying: “We encourage all publishers to register for an account on the JCS.  Sharing data through this service will enable publishers to build understanding and trust with customers, respond to customer requests for more standard, transparent, and granular price and service information and build better awareness of and appreciation for their services and value”.

This new service is being developed to help fulfil an unmet market demand for service and price transparency, and to implement Plan S principles calling for fair and transparent pricing of publisher services. Librarians, library consortia and funders who are involved in negotiating Open Access agreements with publishers will be able to register to use the service from autumn 2022.

To further explore the JCS, please visit and  Any questions should be sent to