Policy Press Publisher partners with Enago to offer Manuscript Preparation Services

Policy Press announced today their partnership with Enago, a leading author service provider that specifically caters to the large section of the global research community for whom English is a second language (ESL).

Policy Press was founded in 1996 as an academic publisher based in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law at the University of Bristol, UK. It specializes in the social sciences and aims to improve social conditions with publications that make a positive difference to learning and research, policy, and practice. It publishes a variety of products, including textbooks, academic journals, and monographs.

Enago is a trusted name in author services for the global research community. Since 2005, Enago has worked with more than 100,000 researchers in 125 different countries, improving the communication of their research and helping them to achieve success in international publication.  Enago is the preferred partner for leading academic publishers, societies and universities worldwide. Enago has offices in Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Istanbul and New York, and operates globally with regional teams supporting researchers locally.

“This partnership with Enago allows us to offer the option of language editing services to researchers around the world. Enago’s service should help to improve the quality of author manuscripts submitted to the press from authors for whom English is not their first language,” commented Julia Mortimer, Sales and Marketing Director, Policy Press.

“Enago is delighted to be collaborating with Policy Press and the newly launched Bristol University Press to help serve the needs of the global scholarly community by providing easy access to high quality manuscript preparation services.  We are delighted to be able to support Policy Press authors with their article submissions.” said Rajiv Shirke, Vice President, Global Operations, Enago.

For further information, visit the website: https://www.enago.com/policypress/