Publish Interactive Releases Whitepaper on Trends in High-value B2B Research Publishing

    A new whitepaper released by Publish Interactive, a research publishing tech provider, says that publishers of high-value B2B market analysis must ensure they understand how their customers use content to remain competitive.

    Trends in High-Value Research Publishing 2019 points out that publishers of chargeable research face a string of significant challenges including reduced customer budgets, new and alternative content types and competition from lower cost producers. With over 6,000 reports being published every month, the whitepaper says that successful B2B publishers must engage with their existing users and ensure their content remains relevant to their customers’ consumption habits.

    Publishers are already shifting away from a traditional ‘transactional’ model based around single copy sales and instead adopting new technology to drive subscriptions. The whitepaper identifies the ‘three kings’ of research publishing – data, content and context. They are examined along with suggestions for how publishers should consider each of these from their customers’ viewpoint.

    “The trick for a publisher is to really understand their customer’s workflow and tasks,” explained lead author Edwin Bailey, Director of Strategy at Publish Interactive. “Then find the point at which published content can add the most value and reorganise it to fit end-user tasks,” he added. “This should help publishers build strong and long-lasting relationships with customers that will deliver reoccurring revenues and future value.”

    The 8-page whitepaper subtitled Beyond transactions – how understanding user behaviour creates competitive advantage provides a checklist of five essential questions that publishers of market reports should ask themselves to evolve their business from product to customer centric.

    The whitepaper Trends in High-Value Research Publishing 2019 – Beyond transactions: how understanding user behaviour creates competitive advantage can be downloaded for free at