Publishers Association Appoints New Officers

    The Publishers Association has announced the appointment of new Officers with Dominic Knight, Chairman of Palgrave Macmillan and Executive Director of Change Programmes, Macmillan Science and Education, appointed as President, and Joanna Prior, Managing Director, Penguin, as Vice-President and Treasurer. Knight previously served as Vice-President under the new Past President Nick Fowler, Managing Director of Elsevier, while Prior previously sat as Chair of the Publishers Association Trade Publishers Council.

    Speaking on the appointment, Dominic Knight said: “It is a great honour to serve as President of The Publishers Association. Publishing is one of the leading creative industries, in one of the leading creative countries in the world, and The PA has a proud tradition of promoting and defending the industry. I look forward to continuing the achievements of my predecessors.”

    Joanna Prior said: “Serving as Vice-President and Treasurer of The Publishers Association is a privilege.  I’m excited by the opportunity to work with colleagues from across the whole breadth of our industry and with The PA’s executive team to represent the dynamic, innovative and important contribution UK Publishing makes to our culture and economy.

    The PA Trade Publishers Council has also seen new appointments with Jamie Byng, Managing Director, Canongate, being confirmed as Chair.

    Jamie Byng said: “The Trade Publishers Council is one of the most influential and important bodies in publishing and I am both delighted and honoured to serve as its new Chair. I look forward to working with the board, the industry stakeholders and our many partners across the industry to represent the UK’s world-leading trade publishing sector in what are challenging but exciting times.”

    Richard Mollet, Chief Executive of The Publishers Association, said: “I would like to thank Dominic, Joanna and Jamie for their tremendous commitment to The PA and promoting British publishing. With their leadership The PA can continue to successfully represent our members’ interests at the very highest level.”

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