Qatar residents gain access to Springer’s eBooks and online journals

Springer and the Qatar National Library (QNL) have signed a groundbreaking agreement for access to eBooks and electronic journals on Springer’s platform SpringerLink. The national license entitles Qatar to use one of the largest scientific, technical and medical eBook collections in the world.

Dr. Claudia Lux, Project Director of Qatar National Library, said, “Qatar National Library’s approach is truly different. We have managed to open a library digitally first, while other national libraries have been doing it the other way round. We consider that access of knowledge is very important for the business in the region and for the entire community and we are glad to expand our service offerings by partnering with Springer to offer everyone in Qatar full access to Springer’s electronic scientific content. An agreement with Springer, the leading global scientific, technical and medical publisher, will enable people to unlock their scientific potential and develop the skills that will support their participation in the global knowledge economy.”

“Springer is very pleased to partner with the Qatar National Library. This agreement will provide valuable information to all residents of the country. Our publishing portfolio provides cutting-edge research results, and we are proud to be part of Qatar’s efforts to set up an unparalleled knowledge economy,” said Derk Haank, CEO of Springer. “We are cooperating closely with academic institutions in the country and are convinced that our content will help Qatar achieve its vision of progress and growth.”

The agreement offers country-wide access to Springer’s electronic scientific content. Anyone who lives in Qatar and has a valid Qatari ID or residence permit is eligible to register at the library free of charge. In this way, all registered members of the library will benefit from the national license without any limitations on user classifications.

QNL, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, is currently offering free online access to a vast collection of online resources, including the latest bestsellers, classical works, concerts, top academic journals and documentaries.