RCNi launches new content platform: RCNi Plus

RCNi Plus brings together an extensive range of resources and new personalisation features to equip nursing professionals with the information they need to deliver best practice

RCNi has today unveiled RCNi Plus, a purpose-built platform that provides subscribers with direct access to relevant content from RCNi’s full range of learning and development resources.

Available now, the platform includes all ten RCNi journals, including flagship publication Nursing Standard; RCNi Learning, featuring a library of more than 180 RCN-accredited learning modules; and RCNi Portfolio, an NMC-compliant tool to support nurses through revalidation.

As modern nursing roles have become increasingly specialised, RCNi Plus has been developed to accommodate a diverse range of clinical interests. RCNi’s extensive resources populate the core feature of the RCNi Plus platform, a fully customisable dashboard that enables users to quickly access the content they wish to see.

Subscribers simply choose topics and journals of interest to begin creating a dedicated feed of articles and learning modules tailored to their professional needs. RCNi Plus includes more than 200 topics, affording subscribers a great amount of control over their personalised dashboard and giving them peace of mind that up-to-date information is readily at hand.

By empowering subscribers with direct access to the latest clinical resources, RCNi Plus makes it as simple as possible for nursing professionals to enhance their skills, stay up to date with best practice, and meet professional development requirements.

RCNi’s Editorial Director, Gary Bell, said: ‘RCNi has a long record of adapting to changes in health care and in publishing to deliver quality resources that inform and inspire the whole nursing team. RCNi Plus is the latest step in that evolution, giving our subscribers control over the information most relevant to their needs.”

“We will continue to produce insightful news and features, along with our high-quality peer-reviewed content that, thanks to RCNi Plus, will now be even easier for subscribers to access.”

Rachel Armitage, Managing Director at RCNi, said: “RCNi Plus has been designed as a service for nursing professionals to track up-to-date topics, stories and information relevant to their careers and practice, whilst also surfacing related content they may have otherwise missed out on.”

“RCNi Plus delivers value through the sheer breadth and depth of content included, but crucially, it delivers most value by filtering trusted resources into meaningful, readily-accessible collections tailored to each individual user.”

“Nursing is central to the delivery of safe and effective care – and by staying informed, nursing professionals can make a real difference to the health and well-being of their patients. RCNi Plus is a tool to help them do that.”