Reprints Desk Tops 20,000 Journal Titles in Academic Document Delivery Service with New Publisher Additions

Reprints Desk, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Research Solutions, Inc. (RSSS), announced today that the company had exceeded 20,000 publications and book chapters from more than 100,000 titles in its new academic document delivery retrieval service for scholarly research articles. Reprints Desk achieved this milestone for it’s A-Z Academic Document Delivery Collection through recent agreements with publishers such as Elsevier,Massachusetts Medical SocietyAmerican Society for Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET), Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), andSociety for Leukocyte Biology.

“Reprints Desk, publishing partners, and academic customers are a model example of how buyers, producers, and aggregators are working together for mutual benefit,” said Ian Palmer, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Reprints Desk. “Academic customers are able to supplement interlibrary loan with an expansive and cost-effective tool for content acquisition; Publishers are able to generate additional revenues by providing convenient access to their high value content; and Reprints Desk is able to add new customers by standardizing access and providing unparalleled levels of post-sales customer support.”

A-Z Academic Document Delivery Collection features high quality PDF delivery within minutes for each request that Reprints Desk receives. The service is available to academic research institutions for a low transactional service fee plus a special academic copyright royalty charge that can be as low as fifteen U.S. dollars.

Academic institutions, corporations, and government organizations use document delivery as a legal method for retrieving single copies of full-text papers from scholarly peer-reviewed journals when subscription access does not exist. Reprints Desk has held lone honors as the top-rated document delivery supplier in every document delivery market research survey conducted by information analyst and advisory firm Outsell, Inc., since 2008. Reprints Desk was founded by Peter Derycz, a pioneer in the document delivery business since 1987 when he originally founded Infotrieve, Inc.

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