ReviewerCredits and Prophy join forces: A big step forward for community-driven peer-review

Prophy and Reviewer Credits have announced that they are entering into a partnership that will alleviate the problem of finding peer reviewers. The two will enable a new solution based on AI-powered optimization from a pool of vetted and verified peer reviewers. This new partnership will solve the ‘bounce back’ issue inherent to finding reviewers, increase scientific transparency, and reward those researchers who carry out this vital task.

“Peer review and research integrity are at the top of the agenda for all players in the research and publishing ecosystem”, noted Dr. Sven Fund, Managing Director of ReviewerCredits.

“The combination of ReviewerCredits’ community of verified peer reviewers and Prophy’s powerful AI-based fingerprinting technique strengthen the value we can bring to researchers, ensuring the science remains open, verifiable and trustworthy”, remarked Physics Professor Oleg Ruchayskiy, co-founder of Prophy.

The two also noted that “ReviewerCredits and Prophy are utilizing cutting-edge technology to make peer review a frictionless, rewarding experience for researchers.”

Publishers can now gain access to a comprehensive network of vetted, high-caliber reviewers from a continually expanding pool of experts. Those accustomed to the flexibility of Prophy’s reviewer-finding algorithm and selection tools will continue to enjoy it, ensuring that invited reviewers have explicitly opted in for the task. This highlights their peer-review efforts and also guarantees proper recognition and rewards. The collaboration prioritizes in-depth evaluation of significant publications, balances the workload of peer review across the community, and recognizes the crucial contributions of peer reviewers. One key feature of this system is fact that researchers can choose their reviewing assignments. The expertise of this ReviewerCredits-Prophy combined network encompasses the entirety of the peer review process, including journal articles, books, and conference presentations.