Royal Society Open Science launches on HighWire

The Royal Society is proud to announce the launch of Royal Society Open Science, a new open access journal publishing high quality original research on the basis of objective peer review. The journal will publish original research articles that are scientifically sound, leaving judgement of importance and impact to the reader.

Royal Society Open Science embodies the principles of transparency in science, by advocating open access, open data and the option of open peer review. It is fully compliant with funder and institutional open access mandates. Royal Society Open Science is the first of the Society’s journals to cover the entire range of science and is a significant step forward in the development of their open access program.

The journal, hosted on the HighWire Open Platform, supports features such as article level metrics with a graphical display of daily usage, post-publication comments, MathJax, CrossMark, supplementary materials (figures, tables, datasets, derivations and videos) and, coming soon, Integrated Data Supplements.

“HighWire continues to support our publishers in disseminating content as widely as possible,” said Tom Rump, CEO of HighWire Press, Inc. “We applaud the Royal Society’s efforts in responding to the aspirations of their community.”

The President of the Royal Society, Sir Paul Nurse, said:  “We are delighted to be publishing this exciting new journal. We hope that Royal Society Open Science demonstrates our continued support for open access publishing and a commitment to publishing research that benefits science and humanity.”

The online only journal will cover a broad range topics in the life sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, engineering and computer science.