RSC welcomes huge increase in number of chemistry A-levels

The President of the Royal Society of Chemistry said today that the big rise in number of students studying chemistry A-level reflected teenagers’ value of the subject.

The total number of students entered for chemistry A-level increased by 9.2 per cent from 44,051 last year to 48,082.

Professor David Phillips welcomed the rise in number of students sitting chemistry A-level, which has increased 19.4 per cent over the last five years.

“This is wonderful news and highlights the importance young people are placing on subjects of great value and academic rigour,” said Professor Phillips. “This International Year of Chemistry has been a great opportunity for the RSC to demonstrate to students how essential chemistry and chemistry research is in overcoming the challenges of sustainable food, water and energy, and maintaining the good health and economic prosperity of the country.

“Chemistry touches all our lives in ways we don’t often realise and it is great so many students are taking up the subject, giving themselves a huge range of career options to decide on should they continue to study chemistry at university.”




A Level 2010 2011 % change from 2010
Total 44051 48082 +9.2%
Female 21057 22753 +8.1%
Male 22994 25329 +10.2%
Female/Male ratio 47.8%/52.2% 47.3%/52.7%



AS Level 2010 2011 % change from 2010
Total 62232 79874 +28.3%
Female 29803 37566 +26%
Male 32429 42308 +30.5%
Female/Male ratio 47.9%/52.1% 47%/53%