SAGE makes rapid return on customer insight project

SAGE announced today that it has adopted DataSalon’s MasterVision product to provide customer insight for its highly targeted, data-driven prospecting, cross-selling and renewal activities. The system brings together a wide variety of data for individual library, institutional and consortia customers, including their subscriptions, author submissions, article usage, and ‘turnaways’ data.

SAGE has also licensed Ringgold’s Identify database, which has been integrated into MasterVision. The Ringgold database brings further reference information for existing institutional subscribers, and lists of potential new prospects classified by location, size and subject interests. The end result provides SAGE staff with a comprehensive single view of each customer and prospect, presented with user-friendly forms-based tools for segmentation and analysis.

With this new customer insight tool, SAGE was able to identify strong new prospects by demonstrating unmet demand for SAGE content. Prospect lists generated from MasterVision enabled them to secure a significant return on the project within a matter of months. Helping libraries to make informed and evidence-based purchasing decisions is also enabling much more effective communication with customers.

“We have already seen an impressive return on our investment in MasterVision, and our results show how valuable it is to bring all customer information together into a single view,” said Clive Parry, Global Marketing Director, SAGE. “It means we can better serve the needs of our customers by providing them with much needed data for new purchasing decisions, and by directing our marketing efforts in a much more targeted and efficient way. MasterVision is an important tool for us as we strive to constantly improve our customer focus.”

“We’re delighted to be working with SAGE.” said Nick Andrews, Managing Director at DataSalon. “It’s great to be able to demonstrate a clear return on investment so quickly. The richness of the SAGE customer data combined with MasterVision’s fast and friendly analysis tools means SAGE now has many more new opportunities to explore.”