SAGE Publishing adds American Journal of Health Promotion to its health journals portfolio

SAGE Publishing is delighted to announce that it has begun publishing the American Journal of Health Promotion (AJHP). AJHP is an outlet for research promoting healthy behaviors, initiatives and lifestyle changes, and has provided an international forum for researchers and practitioners for 30 years.

“We chose SAGE as the publisher to carry American Journal of Health Promotion forward because they embrace our core values of service, quality, and integrity, and they have the capacity to expand our reach domestically and globally,”  commented Michael P. O’Donnell, MBA, MPH, PhD, Founder and Editor in Chief.

A bimonthly journal, AJHP publishes research across a range of disciplines related to health promotion. Topics covered by the journal include:

  • Interventions, including emotional health (e.g., stress management) intellectual health (e.g., mind and body health), physical health (e.g., fitness, medical self-care, nutrition, smoking control, and weight control), social health and spiritual health
  • Strategies, including health awareness programs, behavior change programs, and supportive environment programs.
  • Applications, including employee assistance programs, health promoting community design, and programs for underserved populations
  • Research, including issues related to measurement, study design, analysis and sampling, and important results on financial analysis and return on investment

“The research published in the American Journal of Health Promotion informs health policies and programs worldwide while enabling individuals to make positive improvements in many areas of their lives,” commented Bob Howard, Vice President of Journals, SAGE Publishing. “We look forward to strengthening the journal’s reach and increasing its impact.”

AJHP accepts scholarly articles, literature reviews and reports focused on current issues, trends, or applied research.

For more information, click here.