SAGE Publishing welcomes the Journal of Information Technology and Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases

In partnership with the Association for Information Technology Trust, The Journal of Information Technology (JIT) and Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases (JITTC) will be published by SAGE from 2019.

Both journals focus on the organization and management of information systems and the impacts and consequences of information technology. JIT publishes new research from all disciplinary, theoretical and methodological perspectives. Its sister journal JITTC further extends the field by providing key case materials to assist practitioners and academics and teachers in higher education and business development.

Chris Sauer and Leslie Willcocks, Editors-in-Chief, commented:

“The structure of JIT and JITTC has enabled us to provide the research community with a fully diverse platform in which to publish and engage with a growing field that includes emerging technologies and their convergence. In their respective formats, the journals collectively bridge the gap between research, theory and practice, supporting researchers through their workflow. Enabling access to this full spectrum of debate and practice is central to the field, and an approach that SAGE in its global reach and dissemination shares. We look forward to working with SAGE to develop the journals’ international reach.”

Catherine Griffiths, Trustee of the Association for Information Technology Trust, added:

“JIT and JITTC have always strived to provide new research and materials for their field through building strong relationships with the wider academic community. SAGE’s growing international author base, and the strength of their relationships is something that we are looking forward to joining. SAGE’s reputation with authors, editors and societies, gives us full confidence that we will be able to benefit from these relationships and further enhance the dynamic and diverse base of contributing authors and their research, which have always been the hallmark of the journals.”

Miranda Nunhofer, Executive Director, Humanities and Social Science Journals, SAGE, remarked:

“JIT is a highly regarded journal in its field, and along with its sister journal JITTC, are welcome contributions to our information technology, organization studies, and business and management portfolios. Collectively the journals provide a full suite of resources for researchers, firmly contributing to and addressing the gaps between research, theory and practice. We look forward to working with the journals’ esteemed editors and Editorial Board to enhance our research offerings to the technology and business community – both researchers and practitioners.”